If You Give A Mouse A Cookie…A Budget Kitchen Makeover In The Works!

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Oh you guys.

You just never know when inspiration will strike, do you?! A couple weeks ago, I was at my sister’s for my niece’s birthday party. She had just done a lot of work in their basement, and was telling me about how she PAINTED her wet bar counter top with chalk paint!? I was skeptical, until I saw it with my own eyes. This felt super durable, tough as nails…and then the wheels were a-spinnin’ and could not be stopped. I ordered myself a can on Amazon and she lent me her gallon of poly since she had so much leftover, and well…

It has spawned a WHOLE. THING.

That beadboard wallpaper “backsplash?”


The gold vinyl floor that I’ve always hated? I ordered some tile.

The original 1960s cabinets? Well, they’re staying, but I’m tearing down the uppers in the front wall and putting up open shelves. Behind shiplap.

The island is getting a makeover too.

See what I mean, friends?! If you give a mouse a cookie, he’ll want a glass of milk, and so it goes.

All of this is stuff I’ve been wanting to do for a while now, and you know, since the kids JUST got out of school for the summer, of course it’s a perfect time. <face palmx1000>

Nothing like not having any time to do projects TO DECIDE TO DO ALL THE PROJECTS.

But this week 2/3 of the kids ended up with bad colds (p.s. who gets a cold in June?! Btw – they managed to get through cold and flu season with NOTHING. School lets out and we’re all sick. Go figure.) So it actually ended up being a perfect time to get started, since we were housebound anyway. I am BEYOND excited to freshen up this kitchen. It feels new and fun and so far I’ve only spent $30 on chalk paint! 😉 For curious minds, this is an affiliate link to the one I used:

And yes, there is a polyurethane involved as well (4 coats!!) – I will be doing a post with all the nitty gritty once it’s all done, I promise! Based on my Insta-stories this week, you all are in the same boat as I am – not loving your cheap counters, but don’t want to replace just yet. I mean, it doesn’t really make sense for us to spend thousands on a beautiful counter top only to stick them on original cabinets that aren’t in great shape. One day we’ll end up renovating the kitchen, but until that time comes (hopefully within the next five years!), why not try and make what I have work, right? Fingers crossed!

Stay tuned!!

P.S. I’m not sure there will be a Favorite Things Friday post this week – I’m usually much more on the ball by this point for FTF and I’m kinda drowning in crazy this week;) Sick kiddos, toilets breaking, kitchen faucet leaking, not being able to use our kitchen for a couple days, and everyone home 24/7…it’s been a comedy show over here! Promise to get one up next week!!! XO


  1. Can’t wait to see how this all turns out! I apparently have that same mouse that wants a cookie at my house also! (I’m just going to paint a “test patch”…this wall is so small, I might as well paint the entire wall…I only have two more walls, so I’ll finish…I think those curtains I bought a couple of years ago would look great in here…hmm…I need a new area rug…)

  2. Who else gets a cold in summer? My daughter. For the last couple years she has caught a cold in June. She makes it through the whole winter with no problems but June roles around and BAM! she gets a cold. Luckily the cold doesn’t last long and I can open the windows and let in fresh air to keep the germs from attacking my husband and I lol!

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