Five Dollar Nightstand Makeover

You know I love me a thrifty yard sale project! Today’s post is no exception – when I saw this table on a local yard sale page, I knew I needed to grab it. In fact, I grabbed two – one is slightly different, and haven’t made that one over yet, but you know I’ll keep you posted when I do! Point is – I scored TWO tables for TEN. DOLLARS.

What the what?!

I knew just where to put one of them. My daughter’s nightstand was super tiny, and I thought it would be helpful to giver her a little more storage in her room. And since she’s got some colorful accents going on already, I chose white from head to toe. I took out some SW Alabaster I had on hand, and mixed in a little Plaster of Paris to give it a nice, flat finish. It’s super easy to distress this way, too, and that’s exactly the look I was shooting for.

Here’s what it looked like originally:

$5 table before

$5 table before

After I painted it, (even the knobs!), I took my little handy orbital sander and roughed it up.

$5 table makeover

You might notice I’m not the *neatest* worker. 😉 That’s the bonus to having ugly kitchen floors that you hate – you can paint right on ’em then just clean when you’re done – but if you care about your floors, by all means put a dropcloth down!

Wanna see it now?

$5 table after

$5 table makeover

She got those rainboots for Christmas and I love that they have become part of her decor – so cute. (You might recognize that bed as her $20 headboard – also a yard sale find). She still has her white Christmas lights wrapped around it, and I don’t think they’re ever coming down, actually;)

$5 table makeover

Never underestimate the power of paint, friends…or a $5 piece of furniture! 🙂

nightstand Collage


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    Awww, SO cute!! I love the whole shabby chic/vintage feel of her room. Great job, Liz!

  3. So cute! Where is the lamp from? If you don’t mind me asking!

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