Favorite Things Friday #22

Whew. It has been A WEEK, my friends!

It’s been a nice little Spring break here, and now the kiddos are back in school and life is getting back to crazy. 😉

Last week (and this one!) has been crazy emotional, as Holy Week tends to be for me. Everything about it just moves me to tears. The sadness, the celebration, ALL OF IT. I must’ve cried at least five times on church on Sunday, and multiple times with my girlfriends this week at Bible Study as we talked about Easter Sunday. I am a crier, so it’s not surprising at all for me to tear up during our time together, but I’ve been a HOT. MESS. I mean, think about it. Christ DIED FOR US. AND THEN CAME BACK. What the what?! I just can’t seem to keep it together. Which brings me to our first favorite thing today:

1. Faith

Bottom line: I could not live without it. During Bible Study the other day, we started sharing all the times our faith has been tested over the years. And how, in our darkest, scariest hours – sometimes on our knees weeping – we felt peace. We shared stories of the times we were broken, questioning everything God was doing, and even when the outcome wasn’t ideal, we were able to find pockets of immense joy.

I thought back to this photo – the one I shared on Instagram and FB on Easter Sunday:

…and told the story of when I actually took that picture. It was the day after I had surgery to remove a questionable lymph node from my neck. I was sore and scared.  I opened my Bible, and started praying. I looked up and saw the tulips my mom had brought over the night before, with the most amazing sunbeam shining in. I can’t even describe the happiness that poured over me at that moment. But I know who it came from. I had to snap a photo because it’s such a reminder to me that God is always with me. I honestly do not know what I would do without my faith, as it has gotten me through my very worst and made my best even better.

“God never promised days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but he did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way.” -author unknown

2. The Gaines Family 

You know Fixer Upper couldn’t have its finale this week without me paying homage to this crew. 😉 I mean, the gifts they share with the world, the inspiration, THE SHIPLAP…what would we ever do without this gracious family?! I know my house would look a whole lot different (certainly wouldn’t have a scalloped wall!), but even more than that. They’ve inspired in more ways than I can count. Also: who else could make this hometown girl who never wanted to move even 15 minutes away, uproot to Waco, Texas?! 😉 I’m thrilled for them, and look forward to all of their new projects (did you see Jo’s latest blog post?) So much fun stuff coming up – baby and books and Target and more! Gah. Love love love. I know I’m not alone in raising my glass to this bunch and feel blessed to have had them in our homes every Tuesday night for the past five years. Thank God for reruns!

3. Revere Pewter

I am in the midst of a fun hallway makeover at the moment (Instagram friends might have seen the changes!), and tried about 87 (only a slight exaggeration) samples of paint last week before I pulled out my tried and true Revere Pewter. Immediately I knew it was right. The hallway is long, and has all these different pockets and nooks and crannies – a mix of dark corners, and walls that get crazy sunlight, and everything in between, so it’s hard to find a color that I loved in alllll the areas at allll the different times of day. But Revere Pewter is one of those paint colors that just works no matter what. Cloudy, sunny, nighttime, daytime – it’s always pretty. I can’t wait to show you what’s going on in here, but I can show you a little peek:) I’m working on adding some character to this long hallway and I’m thinking I’m gonna love it!

Have an awesome weekend, friends! We’re supposed to get a few inches of snow tomorrow if you can believe that – I’m ready to pack up the boots and winter coats already!! If you’re enjoying some gorgeous Springtime weather, soak up some rays for me! 😉 XO



  1. Roseanne says:

    I always love your Friday posts. You story of faith touched my heart and filled my soul.

  2. I got up Wednesday morning with the thought “I miss Chip and Joanna already”. Is there a 12 step program in a room surrounded by shiplap we can go to??
    Great choice on the color!

  3. Melanie Kelly says:

    You know I love your #1 fave (also #2 haha!!- ahhhh!!!! sigh…. ) Love you friend!

  4. I have read the account of the crucifixion and resurrection many times in my 57 years and it brings me to years still. I would have to wonder what ails my heart if I stopped. Jesus loves me THIS I know!!!

  5. Michelle Kim says:

    I love Revere Pewter. I have so far done the powder room, game room, and kid bedroom in it, and it looks amazing and a little different in each room.

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