Easiest DIY Cotton Wreath EVER and Another Ladder…

So, I feel like a broken record, buuuuttttt….I was at Hobby Lobby the other day… (you really can’t blame me – they are KILLING. IT. these days…and also in my defense, it was the same day I was there getting the frame for my shiplap project) and spotted this garland of cotton. AND it was 50% off! I immediately saw it turned into a wreath.

For my new ladder.

For my new family room.

This was gonna be PERFECT!

And yes – I made another DIY ladder. I might have a problem. This one is 7 feet tall and I love it. More on that later.

Back to my crazy easy peasy wreath!

Are you ready? Stay with me now.

I removed the tag on the cotton garland.

I wrapped it in a circle.

I secured it in a couple spots with green floral wire.

The End.

Let’s see it!

DIY cotton wreath

I mean, I feel bad even blogging about this as a “DIY” – it’s just too simple! But I mean, 50% off so it was $20 for a cute wreath – I just had to share!

DIY cotton wreath

DIY cotton wreath

You can see in this pic below – the arrow is pointing to the green wire. I just did that in a few spots to keep it wound together:

DIY cotton wreath

And then I just used a little piece to secure it to the ladder.

Speaking of the ladder, I wanted to make it a little bigger than the one I made for our bedroom. So I bought some 8 foot pieces of wood, about 2 inches thick, and some skinnier pieces for the rungs. I cut a foot off, since my ceilings aren’t that tall! And cut three rungs to the width I wanted. Stained all the pieces with Minwax Special Walnut and used wood glue to secure the rungs and DID NOT TOUCH it the entire day. Once the glue set, I lifted it up and success! Since it’s just holding light blankets, the glue is fine. If you’d want heavier things, definitely secure it better;).

There are several reasons I really wanted a tall ladder in here – 1. I just love ladders;) 2. I love the wood element it brings to the room. 3. I have 427 throw blankets that I could display (only a slight exaggeration). 4. It makes the rest of the wall much easier to decorate. See, there’s a long space to decorate above our sofa now that we took down the wall. And having a tall ladder breaks up the space so it’s much easier to deal with. Wish I could show ya, but that would take away from the big reveal (WHICH WILL BE A MATTER OF DAYS!!!! YAY!!!!).

diy cotton wreath


Can’t wait to show you the rest of the wall! Only a couple more little touches and we’re DONE!!!!

Now – go RUN to your nearest Hobby Lobby before the garland is all gone! 😉


  1. As always… Love IT! I can not wait to see your room, Liz!! 😃
    Have a good night…

  2. Genius idea! I’m scoping out the cotton garland next time I’m there. Which, yes, will be tomorrow!

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