DIY Uma Wig and Hat

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If I had to guess, a lot of you aren’t going to know who this Uma is – unless you have elementary school age Disney loving kids. She is a character from a movie called Descendants 2 – the first Descendants came out a couple years ago, and revolves around the story of the Disney villians’ children. Like Ursula, Maleficent, Cruella de Vil, Jafar, etc.

Both of my daughters LOVE these movies, and my oldest went as Mal a couple years ago, and I went as her mother, Maleficent…

Fast forward to 2017, and she wants to be Uma for Halloween, the daughter of Ursula.

Apparently this Uma character is THE costume this year, as I searched high and low and EVERYWHERE was sold out! I have an angel of a friend who found me one and if you are reading this, Melanie, you will forever be The One Who Saved Halloween. You see, my daughter’s been saying she wants to be Uma since the Summer, and naturally I didn’t buy the costume then, because I assumed maybe she’d change her mind by then.


I was scrambling and scrambling, feeling like the worst mother ever, because this kid is just so sweet and doesn’t ask for much. And here I was, about to have to tell her she had to find a new costume because Mom dropped the ball. But thankfully, we got our hands on like THE LAST COSTUME ON THE PLANET or something, but no wig or hat in stock. Uma has an under-the-sea themed pirate hat thing going on, with long blue/green braids for hair…maybe we could DIY? (You can click this affiliate link below to see what the costume looks like) 


We had to get creative. We looked online and found an inexpensive plain hat on Amazon that could work. (affiliate link)

We went to Michael’s, and grabbed some netting, feathers, and dug out a few seashells from the Summer Decor bin…

We just hot glued some of that stuff all over the hat.

Then for the wig, we picked up some yarn we found (on sale for $2.99!), and some silver bead thingys that my daughter said Uma has in her hair. (I’m just following her lead at the point, never even having watched this movie!)

She cut a zillion pieces out, and braided some, then we decided since the yarn is all twisty looking anyway, we could probably just keep the strands of hair as is!

We got to hot gluing all the pieces to the inside of the hat…

Let it get good and dry, stuck her hair in a wig cap…and ladies and gentleman, I present to you, UMA!

We decided to try and lighten the tips to get as REAL DEAL as possible so we took it outside and sprayed the lightest bit of white spray paint on the ends, and oh man, I wish you could hear the happy squeals on this girl when she saw the end product!

Now, I’ve seen some places have restocked this costume, wig and hat recently, but I’m kinda glad we didn’t have that option a couple weeks ago – this was a fun and easy project, and I love watching my kids get creative and want to DIY. (Maybe not at say, 5pm when I’m about to make dinner, or 8:30 on a school night, but you know, at a reasonable hour, YES. 😉

And get this – the total cost for the hat was $13, and the wig was $6!! We’d have spent a lot more buying it, and would’ve missed out on these memory making experiences, creating this together. I wish I would have had this post up way earlier, as Halloween is 6 days away, but you never know who just might want to tackle this project (it really didn’t take long, I promise!). Or maybe you’re in a costume pickle and this will encourage you to think of a way to create something too! And let me know if you do – would love to hear about it:)

Happy Creating!


  1. Great job! Necessity is the mother of invention.

  2. Sigh, my girls are old enough that I didn’t even know what Descendants was.
    Good job!

  3. Loving your creativity. My daughter decided early this year that she was being Uma for Halloween. She tried on the costume today (yes… still August) and said… “where is the wig?” Of course I had to go online and came across this website and your project. I just ordered the hat from Amazon, and my daughter will love to help create an Uma wig out of yarn! Thanks for passing along the idea. – Nicole

  4. Do you know what the name of the yarn is?

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