DIY Shiplap In a Frame


This thing on??

First of all, if you’re still hanging in there with me, bless your heart. I know it has been a WHILE. Like, longest stretch of non-blogging in ND history, probably. This season of my life has been OUT. OF. CONTROL. I seem to remember the kids starting school in late August, and I think I blinked, and now we’re almost at Thanksgiving?!!!

I’m sorry. WHAT?!!

I have never in my life had so many things happening and therefore my little ol’ blog has suffered and I apologize. I miss it, I miss you…but good news is, things *might* be slowing down just a bit and I should be blogging more now. I’ve had about 87,481 projects half-done, but now things are getting checked off the list and if not, they’re THISCLOSE to being totally finished. (LIKE THE FAMILY ROOM!!!! Holy moly is it making me swoon!!) So anyway, let’s talk about a project I thought of during one Friday night strolling the aisles at Hobby Lobby…

My daughter takes Drama, and has a class every Friday night. It’s about 20 minutes away, so when it’s my turn to carpool, I usually walk around the nearby Target, Barnes and Noble…wherever the wind takes me to kill the two hours until it’s time to go pick up.

This past Friday afternoon we had just hung all the curtains in the family room (that’s FIVE windows!) and I’ve been buying them panel by panel at Hobby Lobby, so I can take advantage of the 40% off coupon;) Turns out, I was one panel short – and you know that was KILLING. ME. so naturally, I tried thinking of how fast I could get to HL. We had a jam packed weekend…hmmm…when could I squeeze it in?! Then it hit me! I had Drama carpool that night – I’d kill time at HL and grab a panel then! Whew. That was a close one. 😉

So while I was there, I had time to kill and slowly walked the aisles. It was pretty dreamy – I mean, who wouldn’t want to walk around aimlessly just looking at all the pretty things at Hobby Lobby?! Sounds like a pretty awesome Friday night if you ask me.

Wow I’m old.

ANYway. I spotted these empty driftwood frames. All different sizes. They were 50% off. I started thinking of something- anything – I could do with one of them.

DIY shiplap in a frame

And I have NO idea where it came from but it hit me.

I had a bunch of plywood at the house for the plank wall we’re working on in the dining room…

There’s another wall in the dining room that could use something on it this size…

I had just spied a magnolia wreath in another aisle…

Ohhhhh the wheels were spinning, you guys! I was so excited to get home and try this idea out!

Would it work? Maybe. Possibly. I sure hope so. It was one of those projects that I honestly didn’t know the outcome until the very end, and I am beyond happy to report…IT WORKED!

DIY shiplap in a frame

EEK! I love.

Here’s how I did it:

First, I had noticed in the store, that on the back of the frame, there was an inset of pretty much the EXACT thickness of plywood. WHAT? I KNOW. Oh the luck!

DIY shiplap in a frame

So I got out my little handheld circular saw that is probably my most used tool these days…

DIY shiplap in a frame

And I measured the distance between the sides of the frame and it was 24 inches. I cut the strips of plywood into 24 inch long pieces, and since the frame was 36 inches long, I just had to cut 6 pieces of wood (they’re 6 inches tall). It was like this project was meant to be!

I painted the six pieces with my flat primer and paint in one that I use on all my plank walls – Behr White.

DIY Shiplap in a frame

Then I put some wood glue down the sides…

DIY shiplap in a frame

And laid the pieces down (white side facing the front of the frame, of course). I stuck a bunch of heavy things along the edges where the glue was drying. Big canisters of flour and sugar work well, as does a box of wine…big canned goods…whatever you got. I let it sit ALLLLLL day in the middle of the kitchen like this. This was TORTURE. Because I was dying to see if the wood glue was dripping (I did take one peek in the very beginning and checked – sure enough there was a little drippage that I wiped off before it dried!), and if this idea of mine was actually going to work. But I wanted to make sure the wood glue could do it’s job so I behaved and waited until bedtime to lift it up.

Lo and behold…SUCCESS!

I nailed in one of those teeth hanging thingys (I’m sure that’s the proper name of course)…

DIY shiplap in a frame

…and voila!

diy shiplap in a frame

<<<Insert all KINDS of squeals here>>>

I am super pumped about this one. Because a) it’s shiplap. ‘Nuff said. b) It’s lovely driftwood c) I can switch out the wreath for whatever I want, whenever I want. d) It’s perfect for the person who loves the look of shiplap but doesn’t want the commitment. I mean, that’s obviously not me, but I’m sure they’re out there;).  You get tired of it, just take it down. Want to move it to another room? Go for it! e) It’s PERFECT in our dining room with the new look we got goin’ on in here. That room is just about done too – and I’m thrilled! See, told you it has been CRAY around here;)

diy shiplap in a frame

diy shiplap in a frame

Wish I could show you more of this room, but don’t want to give too much away;)

Ok, so that about wraps up my first post in what feels like a million years. Thank you SO much for sticking with me. Means more than you can imagine! Missed you guys!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to get in pjs and collapse for the rest of our weekend – enjoy your night! XO


  1. Heather Lloyd says:

    First, I do like the shiplap in a frame. Very cute, and flexible as you mentioned. (If only my nearest Hobby Lobby wasn’t 2 hours away!)
    Second, I love being subscribed to your emails. That way, if you take a bit of a blogging break, I know it the second you’re back, and don’t miss a thing!

  2. Chip and Joanna would be so proud! Great job.

  3. Welcome back! I ove this look 🙂

  4. Liz,

    You continue to amaze!! This really looks great!! You think you will ever run out of ideas?!!


  5. Carli Heringer says:

    So glad you’re back! I missed you!! Can’t wait to see all the projects you’ve been pulling up for us to read about while you were away 😉

  6. I love it too!! That ribbon is perfect too. Great job, Liz! Missed ya 😀


  7. Karrie May says:

    Absolutely Love !!!!! How sweet that your Dad commented, he is so proud.

  8. Did you get the frame at hobby lobby?

  9. Love this! If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of ply wood did you use?

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