DIY Ribbon Garland

This is one of the easiest but sweetest (and thriftiest!) little projects – seriously, anyone can do this one, and it’ll only set you back about ten bucks!

diy ribbon garland

If you can tie a piece of ribbon in a knot, you got this. My ten year old (with the help of her 9 year old sister) made this and it couldn’t be cuter. We’re doing a little makeover in her room – not a big one since we just did her room a couple years ago, but we’re just softening things up a bit. Swapping out the bold deep coral for more of a light rose-y peachy shade, and the bright mint is now more Sea Salt-y. Nothing major, but it’s making a big difference, and it’s just looking so sweet and feminine and her in here.

The fact that my girls are getting older and want to help me out in the design department is so fun. They are capable and willing, so I am handing as much off to them as I can. When Saturday morning came around, she saw the materials sitting on the table and wanted in on the fun. So I let her go to town!

diy ribbon garland

diy ribbon garland

And yes, those are Christmas jammies days before April. That’s how we roll in this house. 😉

As you can see in the pic, all you’ll need is a piece of jute (however long you want), and some ribbon and fabric. I went to Hobby Lobby and grabbed some in her colors that I thought would complement each other and bring out all the shades in her room. I also had some white fabric on hand and threw that in the mix. The ribbon was 50% off and the fabric was also on sale. If it’s not on sale when you go, check back the next week. Gotta love that store!

To make it easier, I used painter’s tape to secure it to the banister. This made it not only easier to tie around, but also gave us a better view of how it was shaping up. We cut a bunch of strips, and she just knotted them around the jute. That’s it! There was no pattern or anything, but I did help with explaining how to not put a bunch of the same ones together and that sort of thing. She rocked it!

diy ribbon garland

We hung it above her bed and it’s just so…gosh, I know I keep calling it sweet, but it’s just such a fitting word! The colors, the softness, the texture. It’s a really nice addition in here.

Can’t wait to show you what else is happening in this room – stay tuned for some plank wall action coming soon!



  1. Sharon kenney says:

    What sizes of each material or ribbon did you cut each piece? Also what was the size of your rope? To cute!!!

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