A New Look for An Old Ottoman (and My Son’s Room!)

My son had been asking me to rearrange his room. LIKE CONSTANTLY. He had a definite idea in mind, and to tell you the truth, I wasn’t wild about it. I love walking into a room and seeing the bed as the focal point, and in this new setup, the bed would be coming out of the opposite wall. But he really wanted to try it, and if anyone can relate to wanting to switch up a room, it’s yours truly;). So I did it. And I LOVE IT! (And he WENT NUTS – I took video – it was priceless!)

Here’s what it looked like before (you can see the whole makeover post here):

Big Boy Room Makeover

Since the makeover, he got a full size bed. He wanted the bed and dresser swapped, and here’s how it turned out:

boy room DSC_4214b

It’s really cozy this way – not sure why it has a totally different feel, but it does. Especially at night. The little nightstand is on the other side of the bed, and when that lamp is on it just feels so homey in this little room. Maybe it’s being in a corner, I don’t know? Whatever it is, we love it!

big boy room

boy room

We still need a headboard – I’ve been wanting to DIY a shiplap one for a while now, maybe I’ll finally tackle that.

But what I really want to tell you about is the ottoman!

Remember way back when – I had some leather ottomans that I reupholstered with some Target curtains?


They used to look like this:


Well, after I rearranged Noah’s room, I put his desk next to his bed – kind of acting double duty as nightstand and desk. But I knew I didn’t want to have the chair in the way. And we have these two ottomans in our basement, just for more seats. Not totally necessary and we wouldn’t miss it if one were gone.


But obviously the fabric would have to change. I mean, this doesn’t exactly look great with his decor;)


So I got to thinking about what fabric to choose…and then it hit me. I had leftover scraps of dropcloths from different projects…maybe I’d have enough to cover this little guy!? I went down to see, and I had two long strips that were JUST the width of the ottoman!! What luck!

I got to work and didn’t even have to change out of my pjs;)

I did the same exact thing I did the first time – flipped it over, took out the screws, and started stapling the new fabric along the sides (making sure it’s nice and taut!):

ottoman makeover

ottoman makeover

Then for the other side, I folded under the frayed edge like this:

ottoman makeover

Then I put the screws back in…

ottoman makeover

And to keep all the seams in tact, I got out my fabric glue and now it’s nice and secure:

ottoman makeover

ottoman makeover

And now it’s much better for his room:)

ottoman makeover

I love that it can stay tucked under the desk and there’s no visual clutter…but when he needs to use it, he just pulls it back out.

ottoman makeover

I thought about putting something on it to make it a little more interesting, but after seeing it next to the rug and plaid sheets, I’m thinking I might leave as is. At least for now.

How awesome that it didn’t cost me a thing and I was able to use up some old scraps?! Talk about a win-win.

It doesn’t look like he would have all that much room for his legs, but oddly enough, he’s totally comfortable on here and has plenty! Perfect for him for now. Besides, he’s a VERY active sports-obsessed 7 year old boy. He doesn’t spend *all* that much time at a desk in his room;)

So that’s how his room is evolving…I tell ya, these kids keep me on my decorating toes with their rooms! Wonder where they get THAT from?!


Have a great weekend, friends!


  1. Sherri S. says:

    His room looks great! That ottoman brought back memories 😃 I do remember it from days gone by . Great makeover. Perfect for his room now.

    Happy Weekend!

  2. What color paint did you use for the walls? I love it!

  3. Tiziana Revell says:

    Love, love, love!! Your posts make me want to redo my whole house.

  4. The room looks amazing and inspirational! I also really love the carpet – do you happen to know the brand/name of it? Has it held up well to kids (and pets if you have any)?

    • Thanks so much, Anne! We got it 11 years ago when we moved in and unfortunately I don’t remember any details other than it’s a berber. It’s held up very well, we don’t have pets though;)

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