A Chair for the Big Girl Room

Ever since I finished my daughter’s Big Girl Room, I’ve been looking for a beanbag chair for a particular corner of her room. It just looked like it needed something, but MAN! It was hard. You see, it’s a spot right next to her bold coral dresser, so it couldn’t be anything too in your face. Couldn’t be anything super colorful to compete with that, you know? I was thinking maybe a white/off white with a light minty green pattern, perhaps? And I found it…but it was crazy expensive.


Then one day, I was out Christmas shopping and I found it – just the perfect thing! Well, sorta.

I was at Target (naturally), and spotted this adorable creamy-colored, cozy, little butterfly chair (I think that’s what they’re called anyway?!). It wasn’t a beanbag chair, but it was small enough to stick in that corner and would serve the same purpose.


The legs were black.

This was not gonna fly in there. But the price was right, so I decided Santa would do a little spray painting!


I removed the cover, and took the base outside. I sanded them just a little, wiped the dust off, and gave it a few coats of Valspar Metallic Gold. With the gold accents in her room, I thought this was the right way to go. After that dried, I coated it with a clear protective spray paint so it wouldn’t chip, and BAM!

The perfect little chair was born.

comfy chair for girl's room

My mom found that pillow that was just perfection for my mermaid loving girl! (I mean, Santa found it of course….)

comfy chair for girl's room

She fell in LOVE with it, and it’s become her favorite spot to hang out.

comfy chair for girls room

I had no intention of blogging about this, but then I thought it might be helpful for those of you looking for something in particular. It might be right under your nose – at your local Target, perhaps (isn’t everything?!) – just needing a little bit of magic.

And by magic, I mean spray paint. Because, really, isn’t that what it is? 😉


  1. OMG my Lily received the very same chair for Christmas from her aunt & uncle! Of course hers has the black legs so hmmmm, I’m thinking we may need to spruce it up a bit (love the gold!). Such a great little chair for their “reading nook” and of course it brings back memories of butterfly chairs my parents had by our pool when I was a kid. Gotta love Target (I mean Santa!).

  2. Perfect!!! I love how you painted the legs. Such a cute pillow too.

    Have a great week!

  3. Gorgeous! Where did you get the dresser? Or did you build it?

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