June 2017 Roundup!

Wow, feels like it’s been FOREVER since I’ve done a round-up post…not sure why?! When I realized it’s the last day of June today, I thought maybe I should bring the round-up posts back. I mean, we’re all busy people living our busy lives and I’m sure you don’t check this page every day…or every week…or […]

Six Year Blogiversary!

Thanks to good ol’ Facebook, I was informed this morning that today is my blogiversary! Yes, six years ago, sitting on my laptop on my giant navy sectional, in a family room that looked oh-so- different than it does today, I sat down and began typing my first post. Never did I EVER imagine I’d […]

Best of 2016

Wow, how are we here already?! The years just seem to go by faster and faster the older I’m getting. Doesn’t even seem possible that I’m writing a ‘Best of 2016’ post already, does it? I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I know it’s been quiet on the blog, and that was on […]

My Favorite Projects of 2015

So I shared what was most popular with you guys in yesterday’s post. Thought it’d be fun to share what 2015 projects floated my boat today! They aren’t necessarily the most dramatic, or big room makeovers, but they’re just those things I look at it every day and smile. So many times we walk through […]

Your Top 10 Favorite Posts of 2015

I mean, HOW AM I EVEN TYPING THIS?!! Best of 2015 already?! Goodness. It was a super fun year for our house – three kids’ rooms, a powder room, AND a basement makeover?! And lots of fun little stuff in between. We were busy busy busy… I looked through the year, and these were the […]